Turf types

Coastal Turf utilizes only products that are thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards of quality, sustainability, durability and natural look and feel. Though it is synthetic in nature, it looks and feels just like a natural lawn, minus allergens, pollen, and mud.

It is pet friendly and safe for households with small children. It drains quicker and more effectively than that of natural or real grass and is designed with highly perforated and permeable backing that allows water to drain and liquid to drain at 28 inches per hour, per square yard.

Coastal Turf offers ideal solutions for the commercial market including synthetic grass options for high traffic areas, medians, malls, playgrounds, community common areas and water park common areas. Synthetic turf contributes to eco-friendly building, is safe for people and pets and reduces maintenance and water costs significantly.

It is the go-to option for HOA committees, developers and businesses looking to reduce costs while supporting the environment. Potential to earn LEED green-building credits.

Coastal Turf utilizes a customized infill solution for synthetic turf pet areas. The process drastically curtails odor issues by focusing on aeration, drainage, neutralization and natural beauty.

Our pet system is a perfect solution for backyards, dog runs, dog parks, pet hotels, animal shelters/hospitals and pet training areas. It’s easy to clean, economical and the environment’s best friend.

Inquire about our "roll and go" turf mats! If you're looking for something that can be rolled up and put away when you're not using it but still give you the same natural look and feel of grass at a very affordable price? "Roll and Go" Turf Mats are your answer. We offer a variety of mat products, customized to suit your needs:

    • RV Lawns
    • Toy Hauler Lawns
    • Boating / Beach Lawn
    • Play Mats
    • Baseball Mats
    • Golf Mats
    • The possibilities are endless!
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