Product installation

    The core of synthetic turf installation in a few simple steps:

  1. Design and Client Approval
  2. Removal and Disposal of existing grass, dirt, landscaping, etc. as applicable
  3. Site base preparation which may include irrigation capping, weed barrier, gopher wire, base installation, sub-grading, compaction, pet installation infill, etc.
  4. Turf & Infill Installation, including Proprietary Seaming Techniques
  5. Power Broom and Finish
  6. Project Area Clean Up 
  7. Client Stamp of Approval
Each project is unique and depending on the conversion of the area may or may not include the above steps, along with additional steps.


Please ask your Coastal Turf representative for more information or specifics on what is involved with each step in this process.

Coastal Turf Sales Team