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Our state’s population continues to grow, with 60 million Californians expected by 2050. That means more people, farms and businesses will rely on our rivers, reservoirs, and groundwater basins for their daily needs. Climate change is already affecting California’s water resources. Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada – the source of much of our runoff and our largest “natural” reservoir – could shrink by as much as 25% by 2050. Experts say the changing rain and snowfall patterns will result in longer periods of drought.

The average Californian uses about 192 gallons of water per day.


Typical water use patters vary according to geography, climate, lot size and other factors. As a general rule, per capita, water use is higher in hotter, inland regions than in cooler, coastal locations. If you live in a single family home, 50% or more of the water you use every day may be going to your lawn or landscaping.

Since a thirsty lawn can be the largest user of water in a home, finding ways to save water outdoors can make a big difference in your water bill.


The Metropolitan Water District estimates that one square foot of lawn in Southern California inland regions many require an average of 45 gallons per year to look green and healthy. With HOA rules and regulations, maintaining a green lawn is mandatory in most areas. Watering can account for up to 2/3 of your water bill.

Installing synthetic turf is conserving water and helping to save the planet, one green space at a time.

Urban Runoff is a significant problem for the California coastline. Excess water can carry pollution like fertilizers, oil, and pesticides into local storm drains and eventually into our ocean. You can do your part to help with reducing urban runoff by installing landscaping that doesn't require fertilization, pesticides or watering.

Synthetic turf is an excellent way to help clean up our beaches without ever leaving your home.


Installing synthetic turf is conserving water and helping to save the planet, one green space at a time. Contact us for a free quote!

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